• Journal of Information System and Computing

    Journal of Information System and Computing (JISCO) is a leading online journal that focuses on Information Systems and Computing. JISCO provides a platform for researchers, practitioners, and academics to publish the latest findings in the areas of information technology, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and related topics. With a commitment to open access, JISCO ensures that published knowledge is widely accessible. The journal upholds high standards of quality through a rigorous peer-review process. JISCO plays a crucial role in advancing the field of Information Systems and Computing.

  • Sains dan Sains Terapan Journal

    Sains dan Sains Terapan Journal is a prestigious scientific publication dedicated to advancing knowledge and disseminating cutting-edge research in the fields of chemistry, physics, and their practical applications. With a commitment to excellence, the journal publishes two issues per year, providing a platform for scholars, scientists, and researchers to share their latest findings, innovative methodologies, and critical insights.